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Your Restorative Dentists in Norwalk
Beth Goldberg, DDS & Louis Guariglia, DDS

Our team of dental professionals understand and appreciate the importance of a healthy and attractive smile. Many times, whether through years of neglect, wear and tear, or sudden injury, our smiles are in need of significant help. We offer a wide variety of restorative dental services to rejuvenate and restore your smile.

Metal Free Dentistry

Gone are the days of metal in dentistry. Metal dentistry, whether in fillings, bridges, or elsewhere, has proven to be far less effective than more modern dental techniques. Perhaps more than its’ lack of effectiveness, many metal dentistry practices leave patients with a far less visually appealing tooth. We offer modern dental solutions using more resilient composite resin and porcelain materials that will last longer and look better than metal fillings and solutions.

Dental Implants

Get back to chewing comfortably and improve the look of your smile. Dental implants are excellent solution to missing teeth. We make sure to thoroughly assess each patient’s unique situation to determine the perfect course of action. In a relaxing environment and with modern dental technology, we provide our patients with a nearly painless procedure and restore your smile back to its natural form and function.


It is never too late to get a fresh start and have a fresh smile. Fully restore your smile and bite with full dentures. We provide our patients with comfortable and durable full dentures. In the process, we provide each of our patients seeking full dentures with a denture that takes into account their facial structure, oral health, and provides them with a fresh, pearly white smile. Best yet, get a secure fit for your dentures with dental implants. An excellent solution to secure your dentures in place.


Get a partial denture to fill in the awkward and uncomfortable gaps left by missing teeth. We custom craft your partial denture to naturally blend in with the shape and color of your surrounding teeth and gum tissue. Partial dentures are a comfortable and convenient solution for filling in gaps and restoring the look and functionality of your teeth.


Fill the uncomfortable and unsightly gaps between your teeth to restore your smile. Dental bridges will help you regain the ability to chew comfortably and confidently. Adding to this, by filling in the empty spaces between your teeth we are able to prevent your teeth from drifting out of their correct position which could lead to other dental health issues.

Root Canals

Despite the misconceptions, root canals are not painful. Root canals actually relieve pain. With years of experience, state-of-the-art dental technology and a caring professional dental team we provide a quick, comfortable, and many times a pain-free visit for your root canal.