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Child at dentistEvery time you eat or drink you’re not just feeding yourself, but you’re also feeding the natural bacteria that resides in your mouth. This bacteria feeds on the sugars found in the foods you eat, and in the process creates acid in your mouth, which can wear away the hard, outermost layer of our teeth. This can eventually lead to tooth decay and dental cavities.

While many of us know that dental cavities are common among adults, you might be surprised to hear that dental cavities are also the most common childhood disease in the entire world. So how can we fight this epidemic of cavities?

When it comes to our children, it is incredibly important to set them up for a life of good oral health, avoiding cavities instead of treating cavities. One of the most obvious ways to avoid cavities is through daily brushing and flossing. Teaching your child the importance of this daily routine can go a long way in setting them up for a lifetime of good oral health. Another way to avoid cavities is to limit the bacteria’s “food” source by limiting sugar intake. With less sugar in the food we eat there is less acid, and thus less damage to teeth. Still, avoiding sugar in our diet altogether is practically impossible and perhaps even more so difficult when it comes to our kids.

Thankfully there is another safe and natural way to protect your kid’s teeth. At GG Smiles, we like to think of it as nature’s cavity fighter, fluoride. So what exactly is fluoride? Fluoride is a natural element that increases tooth strength and protects teeth from the damaging acids produced inside of our mouths. A common misconception about fluoride is that it is a potentially harmful chemical found in water. On the contrary, fluoride is a completely natural element that is often found in water. Many communities, 43 of the 50 largest U.S. cities, now follow strict EPA standards by adding fluoride into their public water supply and toothpaste brands include fluoride in their products to further bathe teeth in the protective element.

At GG Smiles, we take fluoride protection to the next level by offering routine fluoride treatments. We use a topical fluoride treatment form which is quick and painless as well as highly effective at strengthening teeth and preventing cavities. Oftentimes the treatment only takes a few minutes. Not only do these easy fluoride treatments protect your teeth, but in many cases they can even reverse the early signs of tooth decay.

We highly recommend scheduling your child’s first dental visit no later than their first birthday, and recommend maintaining a regular visit schedule for dental exams, cleanings and further fluoride treatments.

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